What we do for you

We build long-term, multi-generational relationships, have decades of experience in investment management and investment counsel. We share your vision to mitigate financial risk with a focus on your long-term financial goals.  We are a small, high quality, independent investment management firm which enables us to know every client.  We consider our clients members of our family.  We connect the dots to meet your vision for your impactful lifestyle goals.  We offer support in all areas from client service, client financial advisory needs, portfolio reporting, client communication to client education.

Financial Advice

At the heart of every client relationship is our emphasis on investment counsel. It starts with a conversation and it continues to evolve as we seek solutions to individual financial questions.


Our investment philosophy focuses on long-term value investing with above average current income and below average volatility. Our portfolios do not look like the overall equity “market” and often not like typical balanced portfolios either. While holdings are spread across a number of market sectors, our portfolios have a point of view which reflects our perception of where value is currently most available in the marketplace as it relates to the real world. We are believers in unbalanced diversification.

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